Bookbinding glue of the highest quality can be found at CB-Technics

Excellent quality at a low price.

Bookbinding glue must be of good quality. The glue must not be too adhesive, but at the same time it should neither come off easily. With CB-Technics it is not necessary to worry about this: we guarantee the best quality when it comes to bookbinding glue. With our years of experience and expert knowledge, we have built an extensive network of producers and we know exactly where to find quality. In addition to the quality of our products, we also guarantee a low price.

CB-Technics: for a large assortment of bookbinding glue

As a bookbinding specialist, CB-Technics offers a large assortment of bookbinding glue. At our company you will then find various glue varieties, including water-soluble PVAC glue, hot-melts, PUR glue, various mix products and starch. We can of course have the glue adapted to your wishes, so you can use the product as desired.

These products are available in various quantities, from buckets to containers. Moreover, with all products you are assured of quality and durability: we use cold mix products, by which we comply with the requirements as regards the environment and recyclability of the paper varieties. Our bookbinding glue is therefore free from solvents and water-based.

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