For book cloths you always call on CB-Technics

When it comes down to book cloths

At CB-Technics in Zaandam you can find a large range of bookbinder supplies, including book cloth. Here you are assured of excellent quality and many options to choose from a large range. Since our foundation, we have partnered with L. van Heek Textiles, one of the biggest and best manufacturers of binding cloth. With CB-Technics you have a large assortment at your disposal, and you can order your products in both small and large volumes.

At CB-Technics you will find the product you are looking for

With our company you are guaranteed to find the product you are looking for. The fact is that we have a large assortment. You can also call on us for specific products: we would be happy to search for the product for you.

Our standard qualities include the following products:

  • Brillianta
  • Brillianta Calandre
  • Buckram Premium
  • Buckram Light
  • Natural and half-cloth
  • Magic
  • Laminated and non-laminated mesh.

You can visit us in-store for samples, or we can also send you a sample card on request. This way you can take your time to make a selection.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our book cloths. For that please fill out the contact form or call us at 075 – 6702307 or mobile: 06 – 54757571. You can also take a look at the L. van Heek Textiles website: